Certificate in Business Analytics

The GW School of Business offers a Certificate in Business Analytics option for currently enrolled GW graduate students and certain GW alumni with a demonstrated interest in business analytics.  The Certificate is offered by the Department of Decision Sciences in conjuction with the Institute for Integrating Statistics in Decision Sciences (I2SDS), the Business Analytics Academic Committee, and the GW School of Business.

For more details on the certificate, including its learning goals, prerequisites, and certificate requirements, please view our Business Analytics Certificate Requirements Information Sheet.

 If you have completed all of the requirements, please submit the Business Analytics Certificate Application to the Business Analytics program to analytics@gwu.edu.  Applications will not be accepted prior to completion of all requirements.  If you are graduating in May 2014, your application is due no later than May 23, 2014.

To see a list of GW sponsored and other approved seminars, please click here.

Summer 2014 Certificate in Business Analytics Schedule:

  • DNSC6251.10 (CRN12276), Optimization Models for Decision Making:  W, 6:10 – 9:05pm, 5/19/14 – 6/28/2014 (core) *requires MSPM Program approval
  • DNSC6252.20 (CRN12279), Risk Analysis for Decision Making: W, 6:10 – 9:05pm, 7/7/14 – 8/16/2014 (elective) *requires MSPM Program approval
  • DNSC6290.12 (CRN12285), Business Process Analytics:  R, 6:10 – 9:05pm, 5/19/14 – 6/28/2014 (elective)
  • DNSC6290.13 (CRN12651), Visualization for Analytics:  W, 6:10 – 9:05pm, 5/19/14 – 6/28/2014 (elective)

Fall 2014 Certificate in Business Analytics Schedule:

  • DNSC6201.10 (CRN87247), Introduction to Business Analytics:  W, 7:10 – 9:40pm, 8/25/14 – 10/18/2014 (Core)
  • DNSC6251.10 (CRN85490), Optimization Models for Decision Making:  W, 7:10 – 9:40pm, 10/20/14 – 12/6/2014 (Core)
  • DNSC6259 (CRN84641), Project Portfolio Management:  R: 7:10 – 9:40pm, 10/20/14 – 12/6/2014 (Elective) *requires MSPM Program approval
  • DNSC6290.13 (CRN86889), Sports Analytics:  R, :10 – 9:40pm, 10/20/14 – 12/6/2014 (Elective)
  • FINA6223 (CRN80202), Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management:  R, 7:10 – 9:40pm, 8/25/14 – 12/6/2014 (Elective) *requires Finance Department approval

Spring 2015 Certificate in Business Analytics Schedule (tentative, actual schedule to be released in October 2014):

  • Forecasting for Analytics (core)
  • Data Mining (core)
  • Social Network Analytics
  • Marketing Metrics
  • Supply Chain Risk Analytics
  • Optimization Models for Decision Making (core)
  • Risk Analysis for Decision Making
  • Pricing and Revenue Management

If you have any questions about the certificate program, please contact Business Analytics Director Dustin Pusch at 202-994-6145 or analytics@gwu.edu.